Stanford students battle it out with tomatoes!

Stanford students Michael, Natalya, and Sam enjoy the Tomato Battle festival!

Natalya Thakur, Stanford Class of 2015, went with fellow Cardinal friends to the Tomato Battle in Pleasanton, CA last week! Here’s what she had to say about the fun experience:

1) How did you find out about the festival / why did you go?

My friend Martell found out about the festival from a Stanford dining flyer.

2) Who did you go with?

So I went with her [Martell] and two of my best guy friends, Sam and Michael.

3) How was your experience?

The experience was like no other. People were tailgating and dressed in costumes. I got trampled by a stampede of people…and the experience of flinging tomatoes everywhere was more liberating than scary…even though I felt like I was in a real battle. Washing all the juice off was kind of a struggle as hundreds of people waited to hose off…loved it though!